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Email Solution

We provide comprehensive email solutions which are unlimitedly scaleable. We can provide both locally configured or web based email servers in Linux or Windows platforms. We can also provide more complex solutions with email relay servers that build in redundancy to your systems and provide protection against the failure of systems or connectivity. Our webmail is accessible from anywhere in the world. We can provide cost effective solutions for small organisations that need only a few email addresses, which maintaining scaleability to grow with the organisation. We can also provide complex enterprise level solutions with thousands of email accounts that need to be constantly monitored and managed.

Our email solutions include spam blocking and junk mail filtering solutions. We can provide highly customized email solutions with unlimited scaleability in the number of accounts, disk space per account and bandwidth utilization. We will consult with you to study your existing syste ms and advise you on how to make your systems more efficient, secure and cost effective.

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